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Finally Winter and the Christmas holidays are here!


The bright Christmas lights on the streets, the smell of tangerines and cinnamon raises the mood and brings the spirit of this holiday. Christmas has always been a favourite holiday of the year!

Interesting fact, that not all the cultures celebrate Christmas as the main holiday . For example in Russia, Ukraine or Latvia New Year's Eve is the main event. In each culture, celebrations are taking place differently. On the link below there is an intersting article about how different cultures celebrate Christmas. https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/how-new-years-are-celebrated-in-different-cultures-countries-and-religions-around-the-world-1.657653

However, if you dont want to spend New Year or Christmas at home, how about booking a trip to Australia? Or perhaps, closer to home - The Canary Islands and then you can experience warm, sunny Christmas vibes by the beach or Winter Wonderland,  if you prefer white Christmas. Wheather you are sitting in front of the fireplace or near the blue ocean, it is very important to find the best place for the celebration. So take your beloved ones, prepare a cup of hot chocolate and go through the list of the 20 best Christmas destinations according to roughguides.com. Where woud you like to go? You still have time to book! ;)


1. CopenhagenDenmark              11. Hong KongChina                   

2. DublinIreland                           12. Washington DCUSA

3.  SalzburgAustria                       13. BostonUSA

4. NurembergGermany                14. CologneGermany

5. New YorkUSA                            15. PragueCzech Republic

6.  BerlinGermany                         16. ReykjavíkIceland

7. RomeItaly                                    17. DresdenGermany

8. LaplandFinland                         18. BrugesBelgium

9. EdinburghScotland                   19. New OrleansUSA

10. MontréalCanada                      20. AspenUSA


Well, HOME is always amazing too...;)


















16 Days until Christmas...


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