How to do Street Style in Pink

13/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

A little touch of colour can brighten your whole outfit. Today we put a few 'street style' ideas enhanced by one of our favourite colours, Pink. 

Стиль Casual.

Pink plain Shirt, ripped shorts in denim, white trainers and a belt to match: Less is more.
You can always accessorize (sunglasses, it is summer) with jewelleries, and of course, a
large backpack for you to bring all your summer essentials.



Pink is the new Chic.

A cropped top in light pink, with matching trousers, a trench coat for the unpredictable British weather, a 
colorful scarf and again a bright pink bag to match the outfit. 


The how-to-make-pink-look-more-rock look.

Fishnet tights,  loose boyfriend jeans, a plain pink shirt a choker and some mirror-like sunglasses. Complete this outfit either with a pair of  boots, or as shown here, with trainers. 



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