8 Random Facts About Grafea

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Did you know that  the word "rucksack" is actually from the German words "rücken" and "sack" which mean back and bag... we Brits get the word "backpack" from this!

Here are 8 random facts about Grafea:


1 We love flowers so much that sometimes we name our bags after them (Rose, Daisy, Poppy... look out for Sunflower!)

2- It takes 10 hours to make just one backpack - crazy, right?

3Every season we add a few new colours to our collection. The newest addition is grey (MISTY)

4- During the summer months, the Bianca backpack tends to be the most popular colour out of her brothers and sisters! You wouldn't have thought of that one. Would you? :-)

5- We LOVE to travel. On our must-visit list are Morocco, New Zealand and Tokyo. What would be your dream destination?

6- We take inspiration from writers and creatives - did you know that the Grafea logo is actually based on a ancient scroll? Well now you do!


7- Coffee is a universal love language, one that we speak very well! Do you speak coffee or Tea? Or perhaps you are the hot chocolate type!


8- Each baby backpack is given a real baby name that best suits its personality...

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